It used to be a running joke in my family that my mom's closet was all beige, white, and black, and lo and behold, joke's on me because now my closet is also mostly beige, white, and black.

Like mother, like daughter, am I right? #reasonswhywefoundedthisblog

Some people try to stay away from beige since it sometimes can wash out your complexion. But that's why picking the right shade is so important. I love a bright beige like with this outfit, essentially an off-white, creamy beige that stands out even in its simplicity. 

This Tracy Reese dress absolutely kills with its bright creamy color and gorgeous bell sleeves. It's been an absolute favorite of mine and actually got it a while back - these shots were from last season's Fashion Week. I had it custom-tailored to take off some length and tighten the wrists. 

The result? A beautiful 70s style mini that makes a huge statement without having to say much at all. 

Paired it with my all-time favorite Giuseppe Zanotti fishnet open-toe pumps and an Hermes scarf tied choker-style for a show-stopping, head-turning outfit. 

Photos by Mark Johnson



It's Tuesday, so let's Fast Forward to the weekend shall we? #youknowyouwantto

There's this interesting phenomenon it seems with those who live in New York that we love to wear black. It certainly has been true for me, winter or summer, black is the new black #BITNB, it just matters how you wear it. Of course, dark colors trap heat, so you will have to be careful with the materials you wear so that you're still able to wear the color without getting a heat stroke. #globalwarming

The top featured in this post would actually have been unwearable if it had not been a crop top, you have to weigh out material vs. color. Treat it as an inverse relationship and you'll be set, the darker the color, the thinner (or shorter) the material. 

Speaking of global warming, the weather has actually been insane in NYC with some days with an unbearable heat and shining sun, to an entire week of chiller days filled with rain and storms. So let's save this outfit for a day when it's still hot out but the rain has cooled it down enough to wear pants and a long-sleeve top. 

It's never too early in the week to think about the weekend - and if you're in a bipolar city like me in NYC, then this post is for you. Let's call it "bringing fall details ahead in the summer." With the suede pants and wool hat, this certainly could be a look that you replay in the fall before it gets too cold (unless you're in a city when Fall is essentially still summer, like my past hometown of Miami, and wearing anything Fall-related will make you break out into a sweat). But if you ask me, suede never goes out of style.  


Keep on killing the work week ladies, looking fierce as ever, of course! 

Here's a little #CorporateCasual inspiration to get those creative juices flowing for the rest of the week. #girlbosses #dotheimpossible


Hear that sound? It's the beach calling for you to take some much needed time off and bask in the sun. But first, upgrade your wardrobe with this season's hottest new trend - stripes. They're back and better than ever.

Dozens of stores are having their End of Season sales RIGHT NOW! Hover over the images below to head over to their online stores - before they take all the good stuff!

I've uncovered 11 striped gems under 6 different platforms. From tops to dresses, pants, shoes, accessories and even home decor, your vacation wardrobe solution is here. 

Nasty Gal The Anne-Marie Scoop Swimsuit $168

Nasty Gal Tulum Off the Shoulder mini dress $68

Nasty Gal Romper $58

Zara Striped Poplin Top $19.99 (down from $39)

A Common Space White Off the Shoulder Blouse $36 (down from $45)

Derek Lam at Moda Operandi Flared Pants $198 (down from $495)

Edie Parker Clutch $1295

Tabitha Simmons Striped Flat Espadrilles $174 (down from $445)

Brother Vellies Burkina Slides $285

Chanel at Tradesy Woven Flap Shoulder Bag $1675

TJ Maxx Pillow $16.99



We all know that we live in a man's world, and in that world are various stereotypes for women. But we are finally reaching the time in history where women are saying Enough! From the newest Miss USA who is also an Army Reserve Officer and IT analyst, to the first woman in U.S. history to be elected as the nominee for a major political party in a presidential election. The modern woman doesn't need to choose between work and family, or beauty and brains, these are no longer mutually exclusive.

The modern woman is the new Renaissance man - a person of many talents or areas of knowledge. 

When it comes down to clothing, for men it can be fairly simple to live in the corporate world. If style is not of importance to them, they could essentially buy 10 white button downs, 5 pairs of pants and be done with the next two work weeks.

Women have a higher standard - we can't just wear a uniform to work (makes it seem as if we don’t care enough). Women are scrutinized for wearing too little or too much, too short or too long, too flashy or too boring. It's difficult to figure out what is ok to wear and under what scenarios. (Dressing for a meeting is different from dressing for every day office wear).

To really make an impression, you not only have to do the work (and do it right) but while doing it you must also look presentable, prepared, and like a million bucks. 

The VALENGO brand is not made for just one type of woman - doctor, lawyer, professor, executive, mother - it's made for the renaissance woman. The goal is for women, no matter the profession, to have the VALENGO brand for inspiration in their everyday lives. We've separated outfits by categories: Corporate Style, Corporate Casual, Street Style, Night Out, Day to Night. As the weeks go on, we will be adding pages to better categorize and evolve the outfit ideas and to better cater to our audience.

The goal? To be every woman’s one-stop destination for all outfit and beauty inspirational needs. 

I know that Summer has officially begun, but frankly in NYC we're still getting a few days that are downright chilly. So this outfit I would mostly reserve for a chilly laid-back night out with friends. For all my viewers from Argentina whose Winter has just begun, this one's for you.  

With my VALENGO Style white tee, skinny black jeans, faux feather coat and Alexander Wang heeled booties, I'm dressed up and down at the same time. 

Photos by Alex Guevara



We waited long and hard but finally summer has come - and it has come with a vendetta. #globalwarming

When friends ask for style advice I always urge them with the same philosophy, fashion comes and goes but style always remains - don't wear something because it's currently #Trending, wear it because you feel good about it! Feeling good will make you look even better. Along those lines, my next piece of advice would be to be happy! Happiness from within translates to beauty outside. 

I have always been a fan of denim on denim, that is if you wear it tastefully. You don't necessarily want to pull a Britney and Justin circa 2001, you know? Don't combine identical looking denim either, have some contrast because otherwise just wear a denim jumpsuit (which I did here). Here, I combined my favorite white washed high waisted jeans with this super comfortable and stylish denim top, my Guiseppe Zanotti babies and vintage Chanel to tie the whole outfit together. 

As always, show your personality with your outfits. Tell your truth through your style. 


SHOES: Giuseppe Zanotti

ACCESSORIES: Vintage Chanel