Ciao belle! Sadly this coming week will be the last week in the city for me. I will then go back to Florida, for a couple weeks to get everything ready for my return to my amazing and beautiful college, Syracuse University. Even though I'm really sad that I have to leave New York, I'm extremely excited to get back to 'Cuse. This year will be my last year there and I can't wait to make it the best senior year ever. 

This past week I went to Little Italy! We were there for only a little while but I did manage to buy a cannoli to compare a bit with the real Italian cannoli I had in Italy. Well, I must say I was disappointed. It really wasn't the same, the cream was just too cheesy. But for the most part it was still yummy. This coming Thursday I'll be visiting Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey and am planning on buying the entire store basically. I'm thinking that the cannoli there will be very Italian, hopefully tastes like the real thing!

So for this shoot, we really fell in love with the antique stairwell and the whole feel of the dress. The dress is a beautiful piece by Jean Paul Gaultier. Truly haven't seen anything like it, it truly is one of my favorite pieces. Hope you enjoy this one!