Ciao belle! It's an extra long blog post today because I just needed to share with you all my favorite pictures from Day 5 of Fashion Week. Only thing is, there's a ton of them! I hope you guys enjoy them! Day 5 was an incredible day at Lincoln Center, I met some amazing photographers and stylists as well as some of the crew from Glam.com. I also got to talk a bit with the one and only Ms. J. Alexander, renowned runway coach. He is truly amazing and so sweet. Everyone looked incredible both inside the shows and outside. It was also a gorgeous day out so it made way for some beautiful pictures which all the photographers outside loved because it was truly perfect lighting. Along with the great shots below, we also got some fantastic shots of other fashionistas around Lincoln Center but because there's so many pictures I decided to split it up. Tomorrow I'll be posting the pictures from around Lincoln Center Day 5. Oh and you must see the adorable French bulldogs below wearing Burberry puppy clothes! Honestly, I wish Mercedes Benz Fashion Week wasn't over!

Below I'm wearing a Stella McCartney dress, Alexander Wang booties, Gucci sunglasses and a Mario Testino bag.

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