Who says you have to say bye to summer already? These shots were taken in the beautifully sunny Florida, where summer is extra long every year. 

Since last week, I've been hard at work studying for the LSATs still. School has been great; I'm so happy to be back here doing work in this beautiful campus. I absolutely love my school. What's more exciting, however, is the fact that I am getting ready for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week coming up on the 5th! My lord, I am so thrilled to be heading to New York city once again for this fabulous event. I just wanted to check in for a little with you guys and let you know what I've been up to! Email or comment below with your ideas or thoughts! We LOVE to know what's on your minds, so please, please share with us below or by email at

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Here I am wearing a dress by BCBG, along with jewelry from Cara Accessories and ASOS.

Ciao belle, XOXO, Valengo Style