Style Essential: BELL BOTTOMS

It seems that warmer days are taking their sweet time arriving, but that's alright, fashionably late is better than never, I always say. Thankfully, my H&M short coat has been here to keep me comfortable and warm. 

If you decide to move to New York, you definitely will have to get used to the cold days. Fortunately for me, I really enjoy cooler weather, as long as what I'm wearing keeps me warm enough to stay comfortable. (Otherwise, I start shivering like crazy #notagoodlook)

My best tip for a chilly day in New York is a great coat and denim. I love denim so let's get that out of the way first. 

Today's feature? (Along with a cameo from my cousin/soul sister Aldi) A fantastic pair of deep blue Bell Bottoms. They accentuate your legs in the best way, I mean there's a reason why bell bottoms are constantly coming back, they're timeless. You can dress them up or down, wear them with heels wedges, flats, short booties, really anything since the shoe for the most part is covered. My pick? Valentino's, of course. 

Now, a great coat is very important because living in New York right now entails going from chilly, windy weather to (way too) warm weather inside (Let's not even start talking about how it goes from 40 degree weather to 70 degrees from day to day). Layering just does not work right now (I mean, at least for me). You see, like a true New Yorker (from Argentina, so not really true but feels that way) I walk...a lot. Since I'm a perpetual multi-tasker with all my different responsibilities, going to the gym is not really a thing for me. It takes time to go home, change, go to the gym, and then workout; time that I frankly don't have. There's not enough hours in the day already as is. Also, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of all the people at the gym. So, unless I'm taking a boxing class or something along those lines, I stay clear of the gym. Instead, I do full body exercises at home and walk... everywhere, and take advantage of the subway and the dozens of stairs I have to go up and down every day. But all this walking means that by the time I get to where I was going, I'm hot. 

Whenever I layer and it's not freezing out, I end up having to carry something while I walk and that can get annoying. Having a coat that is not too bulky but warm enough to not need layering is key. What do you all think? 


Coat: H&M

Jeans: David Khan