Spring has me feeling colorful - I've gone from wearing black almost exclusively over Winter to now playing with colors for Spring and onto Summer. The sun's out and it's now warm enough to not need multiple layers. You may recall from my last post, I love coats! -- especially those that are light but warm enough so layering is unnecessary but I stay warm and cozy in the cooler weather. This Zara baby-blue coat does just that!

I found these adorable heels on and as a VIP member, they were a steal at only $39.95! Paired these babies with my fave Current/Elliott jeans, a simple high-neck black top, and my Alma MM epi-leather Louis Vuitton adorned with my favorite Hermes scarf. Don't you just love when things match so well together, like my heels and the scarf? (I definitely do!)

Enjoy the cooler weather fashionistas! Before we know it, the New York summer will be here and we'll have to say goodbye to our beloved coats - wear them while you can! 

As an end note: You may be wondering how my title fits with the post - it's almost a commentary on the state of Fashion right now and the mentality that one must wear what designers have decided they want to showcase/wear this Spring. Now, I love following the runway shows each season, but I am not one to look to the runway to decide how to dress in the morning. Style and Fashion are two different things. In the words of Yves Saint Laurent:

Fashions Fade, STYLE is Eternal

Style is your own and no one can dictate what that style is. Forget about what's trending and focus on YOUR style. Mine? It's #VALENGOstyle and every season is trending.

All photos by Alex Guevara.