We waited long and hard but finally summer has come - and it has come with a vendetta. #globalwarming

When friends ask for style advice I always urge them with the same philosophy, fashion comes and goes but style always remains - don't wear something because it's currently #Trending, wear it because you feel good about it! Feeling good will make you look even better. Along those lines, my next piece of advice would be to be happy! Happiness from within translates to beauty outside. 

I have always been a fan of denim on denim, that is if you wear it tastefully. You don't necessarily want to pull a Britney and Justin circa 2001, you know? Don't combine identical looking denim either, have some contrast because otherwise just wear a denim jumpsuit (which I did here). Here, I combined my favorite white washed high waisted jeans with this super comfortable and stylish denim top, my Guiseppe Zanotti babies and vintage Chanel to tie the whole outfit together. 

As always, show your personality with your outfits. Tell your truth through your style. 


SHOES: Giuseppe Zanotti

ACCESSORIES: Vintage Chanel