It's Tuesday, so let's Fast Forward to the weekend shall we? #youknowyouwantto

There's this interesting phenomenon it seems with those who live in New York that we love to wear black. It certainly has been true for me, winter or summer, black is the new black #BITNB, it just matters how you wear it. Of course, dark colors trap heat, so you will have to be careful with the materials you wear so that you're still able to wear the color without getting a heat stroke. #globalwarming

The top featured in this post would actually have been unwearable if it had not been a crop top, you have to weigh out material vs. color. Treat it as an inverse relationship and you'll be set, the darker the color, the thinner (or shorter) the material. 

Speaking of global warming, the weather has actually been insane in NYC with some days with an unbearable heat and shining sun, to an entire week of chiller days filled with rain and storms. So let's save this outfit for a day when it's still hot out but the rain has cooled it down enough to wear pants and a long-sleeve top. 

It's never too early in the week to think about the weekend - and if you're in a bipolar city like me in NYC, then this post is for you. Let's call it "bringing fall details ahead in the summer." With the suede pants and wool hat, this certainly could be a look that you replay in the fall before it gets too cold (unless you're in a city when Fall is essentially still summer, like my past hometown of Miami, and wearing anything Fall-related will make you break out into a sweat). But if you ask me, suede never goes out of style.