It used to be a running joke in my family that my mom's closet was all beige, white, and black, and lo and behold, joke's on me because now my closet is also mostly beige, white, and black.

Like mother, like daughter, am I right? #reasonswhywefoundedthisblog

Some people try to stay away from beige since it sometimes can wash out your complexion. But that's why picking the right shade is so important. I love a bright beige like with this outfit, essentially an off-white, creamy beige that stands out even in its simplicity. 

This Tracy Reese dress absolutely kills with its bright creamy color and gorgeous bell sleeves. It's been an absolute favorite of mine and actually got it a while back - these shots were from last season's Fashion Week. I had it custom-tailored to take off some length and tighten the wrists. 

The result? A beautiful 70s style mini that makes a huge statement without having to say much at all. 

Paired it with my all-time favorite Giuseppe Zanotti fishnet open-toe pumps and an Hermes scarf tied choker-style for a show-stopping, head-turning outfit. 

Photos by Mark Johnson