Why does everyone always talk about the same thing over and over again? One of the most important things is to get up every day with the right attitude. Today start a new life, take the world in your hands and say these words out loud, "I can and will change my life around". It's up to you to change yourself and better yourself. When you can accomplish this, you will find people turning heads when you walk into a place. Build up your confidence and find your style. It sometimes is not easy, but trust me together we are going to do it.

Email me at valengoblog@gmail.com if you ever have questions on your outfits and your look. I'll help you find the right style for you! Or if you simply have a date that is really important to you, or a special occasion  I will help you!

Look yourself in the mirror from now on and say "Hello Beautiful!" I know it may sound ridiculous but it truly works. Smile as much as you can and you will see your life change for the best.

Maybe you don't need any of this!! But just in case!

~XOXO, Valengo