This is my inspiration for this weekend. You just have to pick the place to go. Here are some ideas that don't make you get out of your budget. You can still look like a million dollars while staying within your budget! You don't have to go out and buy these brands but you can get something similar and look just as perfect!

Don't forget to get a hair appointment for at least a blow out.

Get a manicure, get a pedicure. Pamper yourself! When you do, you feel better and when you feel better, you look beautiful and radiant.

Your hair is the frame of your face and you need to make it as beautiful as possible.

When getting ready don't forget to prepare everything you need for the night ahead of time. Procrastinating too much will get you in trouble, trust me I've been there way too many times. Make time for hair and nails and then you can procrastinate doing makeup!


                                          Giuseppe Zanotti


                                                              Jo no fui sweater

   Jimmy choo pump

                                                                   Fendi Puff Sleeve



                                                        Thakoon V Neck Dress



                                                           Parker sequin dress

                                                     Rachel Zoe Sequin Dress

                                    Brian Atwood Maniac Calf Hair pump


                                   Wildfox Couture

Stella McCartney rubber boot

                                              Long pattern hooded cardigan

                                                                                                       XOXO, Valengo