Hello fashionistas! Summer has been beautiful so far here in NYC. Do me a favor and treat yourself this summer. It has been so sunny and amazing, it would be a shame to let this weather go to waste. I've been in the city for a couple weeks now and still haven't gotten close to seeing all of New York. Yesterday I visited parts of Midtown, around Union Square and I fell in love with the area. At Union Square I walked around and saw all the stands filled with vegetables, fruits, plants, and even herbs. It was such a great sight, the gorgeous day just added to its perfection. Later that day I went around Brooklyn and I must say I loved the sights. It had a warm feeling. The little coffeeshops, the boutiques and the vintage clothing shops were very refreshing and a little getaway from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. I had dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant with the most delicious cuisine. Overall, I had a wonderful two days both in Midtown and Williamsburg. Can't wait for whatever other adventures I go through! So glad I have all of you to share them with!