Summer in NYC is absolutely wonderful. I must say that the weather is sometimes unbearably hot but it's worth dealing with it to live in this amazing city. This past weekend a couple of friends and I went to Fire Island. Fire Island is a beautiful island of the coast of Queens I believe. If you follow us on Instagram, MariaAriadnaVS, you could see the pictures from the most amazing beach. It was so calming to be there and be able to get away from the city a little. There is truly no way that you can say you don't like NYC simply because if you want the city it's there, if you want the suburbs it's there, if you want the beach it's there! I truly fell in love with New York this past weekend. I don't think I have ever been to such a versatile city. The water was absolutely freezing, it reminded me of the beaches in Argentina. Once you go in, your body starts to freeze almost until you don't feel the cold at all anymore. It was a little windy also so you couldn't feel the heat as much. But believe me, the sun was Hot! My friends got some pretty bad sunburns but it was so worth the time we spent there. If you do go to the city I most definitely suggest Fire Island as a little getaway for friends, family, or significant others! 

Here I'm wearing a geometric jumpsuit by Necessary Clothing, and pumps by KELSI, styling by Elizabetta Laurato.

Ciao Belle, XOXO, Maria Ariadna