Trips can truly be life-changing. I never thought that I would learn as much as I did from going abroad. If you have the opportunity to go study abroad, DO IT. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you truly cannot skip out on. College will be there when you get back, it's not going anywhere. No matter who you are, if you go abroad with the right intentions, you will learn more than you could've ever imagined. I've become so much more humble and appreciative, not because I lived with a poor Italian family or helped with some non-profit organization. I became more humble because I travelled and stayed in small, below average hotel rooms and learned to love my extremely rock-hard mattress at home. I learned to appreciate the little things that I would never have thought of appreciating back home. I had to stop being so used to the lavish hotel rooms with butlers or car rides from the airport by a driver. All these things I had experienced with my family but it just wasn't going to happen while I was abroad. I can't tell you how great it was for me to NOT have these things. For me to appreciate the little things and to enjoy a hotel room as long as it had a clean bed with a private bathroom instead of a public one. The hotel room wasn't important because you spent the entire time enjoying the city or town that you were in at the time. You hopped around from city to city to experience the culture, history, nightlife and cuisine that you could find in that city. I hope that after I share with you my entire experience and show you all that I was able to see, that you will be as inspired as I was.