What a couple of days it has been! These past couple days I've spent catching up with my amazing sorority sisters whom I haven't seen in over 7 months having been abroad this whole time. It was so great seeing a few of them. In a couple months I'll be going back to my incredible college, Syracuse University, and I'll be catching up with every single one of my sisters. I honestly can't wait! Well this weekend started off with a party from one of the older girls in the sorority who is one of the craziest, funnest and best girls I've ever met. The party was held at a bar in Lower Manhattan called The Anchor. The bar was very cool, hard to find I would think if you were just walking around looking for a place but it was very worth going. There were so many people; the place was completely packed. The bar was lit up and although small, there was plenty of room to dance or just stand and talk. I saw so many of my sorority sisters there, who had all come out to celebrate her graduation. The next night I went out with one of my pledge sisters and her friend from college. We went out to a club called the Highline Ballroom which was crazy amazing. It had two floors and because we were friends with a promoter we got a table and a free bottle for all of us. We had so much fun there and afterwards we went to a pizza place known for their artichoke pizza. My god, this was the weirdest and best pizza I've tasted in America. I never would have thought that artichoke would be good but it was amazing! Sunday we had brunch at the corner Coffee Shop in Union Square, which was so delicious. All in all, this weekend was a wild one and it was great seeing my college friends again. Well I can't wait to share with you all my next crazy adventures!

Here I am wearing jeans by Miss Sixty, top by Zara, and my favorite wedges by Charlotte Olympia. We paired the outfit with my favorite lipstick Rouge IN LOVE by Lancome along with Cartier Love bracelet and a bracelet by an artisan in Firenze, Italia. 

Ciao Belle, XOXO, Maria Ariadna