Ciao belle! This week we have been hard at we working  on a couple new projects that I'm really excited to show you all. So stay tuned for that!  

Syracuse has been very cold recently and winter is in full throttle now. So this blue faux fur vest was perfect for windy, cold Syracuse. It was warm and fashionable at the same time! My favorite part about winter is being able to wear cute pants, sweaters, scarves and jackets! Summer gives you cute and flirty dresses, skirts, and shorts but winter and fall time allows you to wear layers and it gives you so many opportunities of outfits. Remember to click on "Read more" to see all the pictures!

Here I'm wearing a Velvet vest, Zara top, Zara leggings, and Miu Miu pumps!

Ciao belle! XOXO, Maria Ariadna