Carmen Marc Valvo

This collection was 


for New York City. Black is NY's favorite color and this collection brings beautiful new takes on classic styles. The men's line was sleek and sexy, I love the play on the black suit. 

I love that there's a men's and woman's take on the same outfit choice. Both the men and the women's styles are chic and modern. Loved this entire collection because I can easily see myself wearing every single outfit! 

Idan Cohen

I had a wonderful introduction to Idan Cohen with these beautiful gowns. They are absolutely showstopper gowns, best suited for a special evening, awards presentation, or gala. 

The intricacy of the gowns and the beautiful fabric with those colors that are so delicate and elegant. 


I was very impressed by this year's Lacoste show because both the women's line and the men's line were a fresh, young, new take on the "preppy" style. I absolutely loved the skirt shown on the right, the entire outfit is perfect, fits together perfectly. 

I love the play with lines and I love that even the gray, white, and black palettes make fun outfits. I love the dress on the left, it's perfect for having brunch or a lunch meeting or even for work. It's a playful cut and a play on lines, yet it's sophisticated. 

I really love the sophisticated lines with the playful twist, like the dress on the right. The Men's line is stylish and confident and should be on every stylish man's wish list. 

Jay Godfrey

New York-based Jay Godfrey had a beautiful collection this season. My favorite look was the one in the middle. Such a gorgeous print and beautiful lines. It's sexy and classy and absolutely beautiful.