Most people will be celebrating Mother's Day today, I will be celebrating my Hero, the fun, fearless, stylish and sexy human being that is my Mom. 

A few weeks ago I attended a Blogger's Brunch (

photos to come soon

!) and I met some really incredible people in the industry. I was conversing with a photographer and designer about my blog and I explained that it was a joint venture between my Mom and I. They asked me who I looked up to in fashion and my immediate response was my Mom. "She's my style icon" I explained. I can't really explain what it's like growing up with your style icon by your side. Over the years I've realized that most girls wouldn't have been able to handle it. Having such a beautiful woman as your mom can be intimidating at times, I can't tell you how many of my guy friends growing up had a huge crush on my mom. I thought it was awesome! I looked up to her and hoped that one day I would be the gorgeous woman that she was and is. Her style was (and still is) effortless, classic, and chic. 

Having a young mom by my side was so fun, birthday parties were always incredibly creative and everyone wanted to have my mom as their mom. Not to say she wasn't strict, because she really was, no drinking nothing like that, but just pure good wholesome fun. I remember my 10th birthday party she set up my very own beauty salon at home and without me having a single clue anything was happening she picked up all my friends from school and brought them over. Then her and a few of her friends dressed up with wigs and pink feathers and decorated the whole house in pink, set up stands and chairs and created my very own beauty salon. She of course had my party outfit laid out waiting for me; I had never felt more special and like a princess. 

I'm thankful for having a young mom like her because I never had to go through the phase of rushing to be older than my age. She kept me young! Whenever she thought I was rushing, she would remind me that one day I would be in my 20s and that would be the time where I could act grown-up like her, but that until I got there, I was too little to act like anything more than the kid I was. I'm so aware of my actions because of that, I have no desire to be anything other than the classy and chic woman that my mom is. Living with your style icon means you learn from the best. I would not have any idea of fashion if it wasn't for my mom being the perfect representation of chic. I'm constantly aware of what I look like and the representation that I give people of me. I've come to realize these recent couple years that if I hadn't had my style icon there to tell me what's right and wrong, I wouldn't have the confidence I have now in myself. 

She didn't just teach me style, she taught me elegance: how to carry myself in the world with class and overall how to be a lady and a strong woman at the same time. She's the strongest human being that I know. She did the strongest thing that anyone could possibly do: she picked up her things, her child, and moved halfway around the world with no one's help. She's a bit impulsive perhaps, but incredibly and inspiringly strong. She's gone through so many obstacles in her life, so many people would've quit with life in general if they had to experience what she has. Any other person would have quit and gone back to their hometown and given up. Not my mom. Nothing was going to stop her from achieving her dreams. She's had to start over so many times that it's truly remarkable to see firsthand the strength and power that is Woman. My Mom. 

She's my hero. I'm thankful every day for having this Woman in my life, fighting so hard to give me the opportunities that she never got. If you had told my 25 yr old Mom that 21 years later her new-born baby daughter would be graduating from an American University with Honors, she would never have believed it. The funny thing about my Mom is that she's so angelic that she doesn't recognize her own strength and I happily have to continuously remind her. She has survived moving to a new country, losing family members and close friends, being a single mom, breast cancer...and the list goes on. She's selfless, kind, beautiful, and has such an angelic soul. Everyone that meets her, loves her. It only takes 5 minutes to see the incredibly bright light of her aura that shines bright as she speaks to you. She's humble and so sweet. To top it off she's drop dead gorgeous! (the woman looks just as good today as she did 20 years ago!) Woman envy her but they can't dislike her because she's just a radiant, pure light that you want to be around. 

She's everything you could ask in a mother, and more. She never, but never, stopped supporting me. She has been by my side pushing me further and further. It hasn't been necessarily easy because she has pushed me past what I thought was my limit, but if she hadn't I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't be the woman I am today. I hope that one day when I have children of my own, I instill in them the same confidence, integrity, kindness, and self-awareness that my Mom has given me. 

Thank you Mom for being fearless, for teaching me all you know, for sharing with me your struggles and triumphs, for being my mentor, my style icon, my critic, my biggest fan, and my best friend. You're such an inspiration to me and to all women. You're a force to be reckoned with and I'm so thankful that I can call you my Mom and my Hero. I love you. Happy Mother's Day. 

XOXO, Maria Ariadna