I can't begin to explain what life is like when you live in New York City. It's almost a year that I've lived here and I have met some of the most fascinating people from shoe designers to photographers, jewelry designers, artists, singers, yoga masters, chefs, soccer players, lawyers, judges, and even financiers. NYC has fueled the creative part of me and has motivated me to pursue my passions of Fashion and the Law. Living here has helped me find the perfect balance of Fashion and Law as well as shown me the way to combine the two. 

What I've learned from each experience this year is that no matter where you are going in New York, you always have to look your best because you never know what opportunity might be awaiting you at that rooftop bar, lounge, or cafe. You might be surprised to know that opportunity awaits you even on the subways in NYC.

-true story!-

If I had to give one staple piece of advice: There is no such thing as being overdressed

As long as you are dressed weather-appropriate and you are dressed appropriately to the situation, there is no such thing as overdressed.

Dress up!!

I take advantage of every opportunity to look my best!

Tackling the corporate world is a task I'm undergoing right now and I'm taking you all with me as I share with you all my #CorporateStyle! 

There is no rule that says Corporate Style has to be boring! The corporate world is exciting and demands extra care and attention, but that doesn't mean your wardrobe isn't demanding care and attention as well! However, I know how hard it can be to have to shift through to see what is and is not appropriate. So follow me the next few months as I share with you all my weekly Outfit of Choice. Follow the looks on Instagram with the #CorporateStyle and #ValengoStyle

As always, let me know what you all think and shoot me any questions in the comments below!

What I'm Wearing:

Button Down by Ralph Lauren

Tweed Jacket by Zara

White Pencil Skirt by H&M

Heels by Valentino